Yoga Block

Use the Yoga Block also for a comfortable sitting posture.
Manufacturer: Yükselen Çağ

Yoga Block


Did you know that you can use Yoga Blocks not only to support your yoga asana poses, but also as a product that will increase your sitting comfort throughout the day?

Use the Yoga Block for a comfortable sitting posture.

Thanks to the yoga blocks you will put under both feet, when you sit, the kneecap and hip alignment will be at a much more correct angle, correcting your spinal posture and increasing your sitting and living comfort throughout the day. This sitting angle, which prevents the rib cage from turning inward and a hunched posture, also silences the urge to cross your legs and thus promotes better blood circulation.

We recommend placing Yoga Blocks under your desk.

Also, when you sit on the toilet, placing them under your feet as a step supports the bowels to evacuate feces more easily.

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