Mouth Nose Sinus Cleansing

Mouth & Nose & Sinus Cleansing


The mouth is the organ of the digestive system and the nose is the organ of the respiratory system, the main gateways of our body.

Vedic texts state that purification begins with the mouth.

In Ayurvedic Preventive Medicine protocols, oral and nasal hygiene is very important, especially in morning routines.

In our Daily Wellbeing Mouth & Nose & Sinus Cleansing Wellbeing Set, we have carefully prepared 4 products of very high quality that will increase your daily comfort and support your immune system to remain strong.

  1. Tongue Scraper
  2. Ayurvedic Mouthwash & Mouthrinse & Oral Care Oil Pulling
  3. Neti Pot (Sinus Cleaning Apparatus)
  4. Nasya Oil
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Tongue Scraper and Cleaner

Made of ANSI 304 stainless steel, our high quality Tongue Scraper is the perfect ayurvedic morning routine that promotes healthy oral flora by hygienizing the tongue surface.

Ayurvedic Nasal Drops and Nose Moisturizer Nasya Oil

Ayurvedic Nasya Oil aims to maintain the natural moisture balance of the nasal mucosa, supports easily breathing and against spring allergy symptoms.

Ayurvedic Mouthwash and Mouthrinse and Oral Care Oil Pulling Blend

Ayurvedic Mouthwash & Mouthrinse is indispensable Oral Care Oil blend in Ayurvedic morning routines for Oil Pulling and with its perfect formula, it whitens teeth and gums every morning, and strengthens the immune system indirectly by supporting blood purification.

Nasal Cleanser and Sinus Rinse Apparatus Neti Pot

Ceramic Neti Pot is a Nasal Cleaning and Sinus Rinse Apparatus used for Nasal Congestion, Allergy Relief , and Stuffy Nose. It cleans without any pressure the nostrils and sinus passages gentle.

Mouth & Nose & Sinus Cleansing Wellbeing Gift Set

Mouth & Nose & Sinus Cleansing Wellbeing Set is a perfect Oral ve Nasal Hygiene and Self-Care set that you can gift elaborately to yourself and your loved ones.